Donate and Support

At Bright Water, we believe in the power of an authentic Montessori environment to ignite curiosity and student-led learning, to pursue equity, and to build a community of support and love. We can't do it without the generous contributions of supporters like you!


Bright Water is a special place founded on a bold idea: a school dedicated to providing an authentic Montessori education to an intentionally diverse community in North Minneapolis. As a public charter school, we receive state funding to provide an education for our elementary students. However, that funding doesn’t cover all the resources and experiences we believe our brilliant students deserve.


With your support, we’ll be able to provide more resources and experiences, including:


  • Beautifying the indoor and outdoor learning environments to facilitate high quality learning opportunities and experiences

  • Hiring, compensating and retaining the well-trained and experienced staff members that can help us fulfill our mission and vision

  • Purchasing computers so that students have access to the technology necessary to prepare them to be responsible and engaged digital citizens

  • Purchasing new reading materials to provide targeted literacy support to all our students

  • Taking students on immersive, interdisciplinary field trips including overnight camping trips focused on environmental education and community-building

  • Supporting classroom budgets so teachers can buy the supplies they need to allow students to follow-through on the independent and group projects the students dream up

Thank you for your continued support of Bright Water!