Welcome to the Social Work Team

Our Social Work Team believes that a child's capacity to learn increases exponentially when they feel loved, their well-being is valued, and their emotional health is cared for. The Social Work Team strives to do all of these things for our scholars. We support our school's mission and therefore honor our students' greatness in every way. 


Social Work Core Values:

  • Service

  • Social Justice

  • Dignity & Worth of the Person

  • Importance of Human Relationships

  • Integrity

  • Competence


The Social Work Team is here for Bright Water Scholars and their Families, especially during these unprecedented times. Our hope is to provide support in any way possible to individuals, families and our community.   

This Week's Resources

Mindfulness is the basic concept of bringing yourself to the present moment. During a time of so much unknown, like this pandemic, tools that help us focus on the moment can provide some relief from the stress and anxiety the COVID-19 pandemic creates. These resources focus on the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Community to best represent Bright Water scholars and their families.


Ms. Toni Williams, 
Mental Health Practitioner
Ms. Cathy Alpizar, 
Social Worker

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