Welcome to the Special Education Team

Welcome to Purple Rain, the Special Education classroom! 

Here at Bright Water Elementary, Mr. Cam and Ms. Asha are devoted to supporting our students’ academic and social-emotional needs. We support Kindergarten through 6th grade by preparing them with the skills they need to be successful in the general education classroom.


The Special Education department’s goals:

  1. To build relationships with students and families so that skill building becomes relatable and authentic for students and teachers.

  2. To provide individualized, purposeful instruction in both the general education and special education classroom.


We view these intensive services as a phase of the student’s educational career. Students will be serviced in the least restrictive setting that best fits their needs. 

At Bright Water Elementary, we hope that one day, our students are able to be dismissed from receiving special education services altogether. We love supporting our school community and look forward to servicing through a Distance Learning model to meet our student’s needs. There is no growth in comfort. So let’s experience discomfort together, and lean into each other with grace and love during these weary times.


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Ms. Asha Knight, 
Special Education Teacher
Mr. Cam Barker, 
Special Education Teacher

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